Dear Me, 6 Months in the Future


I decided that I would only post when I felt like it; I feel like this blog is too personal to set to timetable. This blog is a place to share my secrets and thoughts. A utopia for me, almost.

Anyway - here is a letter I wish myself to read 6 months in the future. I have a lot going on at the moment, and I wish that myself, 6 months in the future, will right a letter back, on this very blog. I would like to see some of you do so, too! (pls cred ;] )

Here goes!


Dear 6-months-older-me,

How are you? Are you feeling okay? The date is June 14. What's it like being 14? Have you worked out your sexuality? Do you have a boyfriend (I say this only because I know that you wouldn't date a girl around the schoolyard AND you currently have a crush on a boy; your best friend... But you probably remember that...)? 

Are you still optimistic about the move? Are we moving? You found out in September, right? If we are, are you excited, nervous? Prepared? Remember to pack your most precious belongings! 

Is your room clean? Right now, it most definitely is NOT. I hope you've cleaned up your act a bit. Have you discovered the right way to use make up?

HOW WAS THE TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT? Just, tell me this. I'm SUPER excited.

Are you finding this letter cringy? Be honest; I want you to answer all these questions honestly!!!

Here is something I want you to know; It's very important to current me. You are pretty much as happy as you have ever been, but also as miserable. You have the best friends in the entire world, the best you've ever had. Do you still have them by your side? But you're torn between the idea of losing them forever if you move, and wanting to leave this god-forsaken town (do you still want to??) but you don't want to leave them behind. Please keep these friends - they're the only ones that have really stood by you through anything. They may not be the coolest, but don't forget, neither are you. If you're being a bitch, get your head out of your ass and pull yourself together. Always wear a smile and be nice to everyone. Preach feminism and racial equality! Make sure you're being as polite as you can to as many people as possible.

Do you still like math? Are you still in 2nd top class, because I love my teacher and not the teacher in the class above. I'm scared I have to move, even though I'm above the level off the kids in my class. Are you doing algebra still? Please, please, please still enjoy it! It makes you unique ;)

What shows are you watching right now? Specifically anime, but mention a few NETFLIX shows. Currently, I'm watching 1, 2. I rewatched 3 twice and 4 four times! In the anime department; I'm head over heals for 5, but I'm sure you know that. Your favourites are 6, 7, 8, and 9. Tell me yours!

What music are you listening to? I hope you're still listening to 10, and 11, and 12, and all those anime theme songs, haha. You're obviously still listening to Queen Tay :D. Which YT's are you obsessed with? Aside from 13, of course!!

[see one note section titled OPEN IN DECEMBER for all the little numbers listed ;) ]

Also, what's on your XMAS wish list?

Anything else you wanna tell me? Please remember this letter.

Take care of yourself, future me.
<3, JAG :)
P.S had your first kiss yet??


Well, look forward to December!! :)

Just a Girl, signing off xx

A... Stressed... Head...!


I know I'm lazy with my posts, but I recently started up a calendar! I'll be posting (hopefully) every Sunday!! 
My head has been super duper stressed out lately - from school work, creative blocks, procrastination, secrets, bodily functions... Oh boy, there's nothing going on in my life but somehow my brain is changing every thought to create a big, scary, thought storm. I'm honestly ready to burst, starting from my head!

It's come to the point where thoughts actually, physically make my brain hurt. So here are a few things going on in my head; right now! Warning, it's long! But, I really plead for some advice, if any :3

Basically it's a huge muddled mess that I'm actually staying on top of... My favourite subject is math, and we're doing trigonometry and I love it! Although I'm quite embarrassed to say so.

I'm really trying hard to think of new post ideas and story ideas, and they're coming so slow, I feel dead inside...

I'm just a huge procrastinator and it's greatly impacting my life in horrific ways.

  • BODY
Recently, at my job, I wasn't feeling well, but I worked through it and didn't sit out - which was a PAIN. I didn't think anything of it, but when I got home, I found out I'd gotten my first period!! It's really scary, actually, blood gushing out of you every few minutes. I've had to brave this shit for 6 days. 6 DAYS!!! Ugh, everything is a struggle, from sitting to standing and having it gush everywhere, from clothes being ruined, from having to change the dirty, smelly nappy thing and try to be quiet in public bathrooms, cramps and cravings. Hey, at least I've become a woman!!

Recently, it has come to my attention that I find girls quite attractive. But, I'm still fixated on boys. And my mind changes pretty quickly, too. One minute, I'll be thinking about whether I'd go out with a girl, and as soon as I accept it, I think, ew - not for me... And I find it very very frustrating that every few minutes I've changed my mind on whether I like girls or not. And it doesn't help that I'm crushing on a guy, so I'm always wondering. Help! I've taken quizzes, looked at forums. Maybe I'm just bi-curious. But I don't know...

Recently I discovered a huge family secret. I discovered that I could be moving - half way across the world. And whilst that country is one of my favourites in the world, I feel guilty.

This year I discovered my best friends, the ones I really want to never, ever leave my side. I love them so, so much. I feel really guilty when I think about the possibility (though quite small, but still existent!!) of me moving, but I just can't help but feel excited.

I would miss them so much; but I really want to move out of this tiny town, and begin a real life with real opportunities that you'd never get where I live. I've just never had to make new friends before, so this is gonna be tough (if I actually go)


Thank you so much for listening, I'm sorry some of the subjects are a bit taboo. Hey, that's what this anon feature is for! Feel free to email me (see contact page) if you have anything to talk about :)

Just a Girl, signing off xx

Middle School Advice!


So, as you know, I'm from Australia, and most schools are primary school (Prep or Preschool to Year 6 or Year 7) and high school (Year 7 or Year 8 to Year 12). So the school system completely wipes out the idea of middle school. But, I know generally, middle school takes in the ages of about 11 to 15, right? Please correct me if I'm wrong!

But, whilst I am still 13 (almost 14!) I'm in Grade 9, which I think is typically the first year of high school, so I thought I would give some advice to my younger readers. I know it's halfway through the Australian school year, and I know that America and England's schooling system is typically almost over, and I don't know if other countries are different, but I felt like writing this for you today, so here goes!!

  • Make-Up
Normally schools have a 'no make up' rule. Also, I think using make up as a young girl really takes away from your freedom and self esteem. But I thought I'd tell you something. Sure, use some concealer to cover up those spots you feel uncomfortable about, but don't wear a full face of make up. Save your make up face for a beautiful or important night, so you look your best! You'll feel way more confident in your natural face on a daily basis, and feel really beautiful on occasions when you wear make up!

  • School Work
Keep up to date with your school work and homework. Yes, it's tiring, but you need to get it done. Once you receive homework or an assignment, start doing it as soon as possible. I've picked up the habit to leave it to the last moment, and I feel miserable when the moment comes around and I have barely started. Make sure you always study for up coming tests. I always leave it to the lunch break before and it makes me very nervous!

  • Friends
Make sure you stick by your friends. Believe in them, support them, and be by their side. Never strain yourself, though. Don't hang out with them when you don't feel like it. They'll understand. Don't ditch them. Don't hang out with people you don't feel comfortable around or don't feel happy around. Don't worry about finding your best friends immediately. Your friend circle will always change, accept that. You'll always have someone around! Take care of all your friends and keep them and yourself happy!

  • Relationships (Romantic)
Whether you're attracted to boys, girls, or both, it's okay. People will make you feel like it's not. Always remember when going for a relationship that if they make you feel uncomfortable or unhappy (in your company) then don't go for it. Make sure they're nice! Be careful. Never be mean to them. Don't let your relationship take over your school work, family and friends. Stay happy. Don't listen to anyone who doesn't like it. Like Taylor Swift said, "people throw rocks at things that shine... it's not theirs to speculate if it's wrong". Always listen to Taylor Swift!


I hope you enjoyed this post!! I'm getting the newest version of PhotoShop soon! My laptop broke and I lost everything, all my old photos, stories, book marks, and screen shots (v important). I also lost PhotoShop. So I'm getting PhotoShop back soon, and that mean's I'll make introductory banners on my posts. Anyway, so long, farewell, see you in the next post!

Just a girl, signing off xx

Where, oh, WHERE, have I been!


Long time no see, my lovelies. Just a short little post to update you on why I have not been on and talking and writing posts, like I promised! To fill you in:

  • My holidays just ended! I know I promised to write on the holidays but I got lazy, which you can expect from me!! Also, my iPad broke, and then my laptop broke (resulting in a LOT of tears ): )
  • I'm in love with my best friend, who of course, how ever cliche, has no intention of liking me back and refers to me as his 'favourite person in the world'. I feel I have to survive with that. Although, I have sarcastically slipped a line or two about those sorts of things... "You're my best friend... Nothing more!!" "If no one ever falls in love with us, let's get married, platonically." He's the coolest guy ever *blushes and melts*
  • I just finished all of my past term assessment, and I'm now homework free! (Other than math, I actually really freaking love algebra!)
  • I decided I'm going to start learning Japanese when the semester ends :D
  • I started writing a story again and then ditched it because it sucked ass, but I might recreate it and try again!!
  • I PROMISE I'm going to write soon. Let me settle back down and I'll be back shortly!
Just a Girl, signing off xx

Update + Unforgettable Feelings


I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, I'm on my Easter Break and I just needed a rest from school :/ So, what have I been up to so far?? Nothing entirely productive, but I thought I'd share:

  • Practising dances even though I'm not a dancer (to a really cool and challenging dance, to a funky song, 'Ninja re Bang Bang,' by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ;)
  • I've started writing a story!! I've always been into writing stories, and in this story, I wanted to bring light to a lot of the world's forgotten people. So, I have a WoC important character, and I've introduced a lot of LGBTQA+ ideas into my story!
  • I finished an entire anime! I watched Your Lie in April, which I waited until April to watch, cause ya know, immersion. Even though it spans out almost half a year and it's spring April, not hot-autumn April. Even though I knew what the ending was (internet spoilers ^~^) I still ***** (NOT SPOILING IT FOR YOU, TOO!!)
  • I've also started watching new shows on Netflix, too! Parks and Recreation is my favourite at the moment!
  • Ugh, so many shows! I also re-watched two of my favourite shows on the entire planet, Girls In Love (but YT doesn't have all the episodes :/) and Ouran High School Host Club (Dub)
  • Wow, I really have exerted myself. It's been barely a week since holidays started. I need to get a hold of myself...
Anyway, I've been thinking: What are some amazing feelings I want to experience? Feelings that are beyond description, but once you hear the idea, you know what it will feel like, but you still can't explain it to anyone... Does anyone know what I mean or am I rambling??

Either way; here are a few of my favourite feelings in the whole world:
  1. standing in the ocean on a chilly day
  2. wrapping yourself up in blankets and just laying in bed, thinking about things
  3. sipping a hot chocolate and feeling warmth spread through your whole body
  4. running so fast for so long your chest feels empty
  5. standing in a forest
  6. watching a fire flicker in the darkness
  7. laying in the dark and watching the stars
  8. being you, without a care in the world
  9. when you're falling, and you feel that, "im not going to die, but somethings gonna happen"
  10. swimming in exceptionally cold water
  11. long road trips - especially when you hop out late at night or when rush hours over to stretch your legs
  12. being alive at night
  13. secretly listening to strangers conversations and realising there are tonnes of other lives out there with their own stories (and yours may or may not be irrelevant *lies on floor*)
Anyway, I hope you've been well :3 I'm going on a holiday with all my best friends soon :D 
Just a Girl, signing off xx

100 Things That Make Me Happy ~


Can I just say, I really fricking love Brittany! This is my second tag inspired by her, and she made my template! I love this new template so so so much, and I'm so happy she happily dealt with me being a whiny twat and asking for more things. It means so so, SO much!!

So, lately I've been thinking, and I realised that considering this is anonymous, you will never know who I am... Which means I can say whatever I want here and not feel personally judged, which is actually great. Have you ever said something and thought, "Man, I wish I could crawl into a hole and become someone else?" because I sure have and this is exactly what this is like... It's not as if I'm gonna say anything perverted or mean, but I can say embarrassing things and confess things as a whole other person and that feels great!

So, that's the first thing that makes me happy, almost complete anonymity!!

  1. This awesome anonymous blog *shameless self promo*
  2. pizza
  3. swimming - especially the thrill of freezing cold water (which you can find everywhere where I live)
  4. thinking about kissing boys
  5. that weird feeling after you wake up; you're not completely awake and you're kinda in a dreamy state but you know you're awake
  6. playing like a child again
  7. Barbie Life in the DreamHouse
  8. chocolate
  9. pink sunsets
  10. when people message me out of the blue
  11. staying home for school
  12. cancelling plans you didn't want to do anyway
  13. the feeling after you sneeze
  14. swirly and twirly dresses
  15. Sims
  16. my favourite bra
  17. naps
  18. peeing after you've been busting for ages
  19. lighting matches
  20. lighting candles
  21. cleaning my room after it's been really messy
  22. playing the Mario franchise
  23. seeing a sight that would be really awesome to take a photo of
  24. taking photos of unnecessary things
  25. when my OTP does something really cute (that always happens I swear to GOD they're a thing)
  26. pastel pink
  27. everything Japanese (I'm a giant fucking weeaboo I can tell. you. fucking. that. I want to be Japanese with a passion so incredible it hurts, I was cursed with an Australian fate)
  28. PicCollage
  29. PhotoShop
  30. anime
  31. watermelon
  32. mango
  33. afternoons plays on the street
  34. sweets
  35. crumpets
  36. bonfires
  37. night
  38. more importantly, being outside and awake and alive at night
  39. my friends
  40. wearing underwear that fits really well and feels really nice
  41. eating when you're starving
  42. cities
  43. rain
  44. storms
  45. playing with tiny animals
  46. blowing out a flame
  47. listening to music with earphones
  48. bus rides where I can pretend I'm a sad person and stare out the window
  49. seeing a picture so beautiful it takes your breath away
  50. writing a nice story
  51. having people enjoy said story
  52. the beach
  53. shaving my legs
  54. cute boys
  55. time lapses
  56. the feeling of not being sick anymore
  57. caring for someone who's hurt
  58. eating things with spoons
  59. doing nothing all day
  60. staying in pyjamas
  61. hugs
  62. imagining my first kiss
  63. baking
  64. baking for people
  65. talking to people online
  66. writing nice little messages in public places with a permanent marker
  67. wearing my favourite shirt
  68. wearing my hair out
  69. eating with chopsticks
  70. talking to my crush
  71. holding competitions between friends (like holding your breath and staring)
  72. making up dances
  73. gymnastics
  74. hugging my stuffed toys
  75. playing with dollies and said stuffed toys
  76. crafts
  77. stupid teen/tween drama tv shows
  78. school yard drama
  79. gossip
  80. pretty woods
  81. spraying perfume
  82. sleepovers with my best friends
  83. dressing up and having runways
  84. putting on silly make up
  85. putting on classy make up (which is mascara and concealer for me...)
  86. shopping
  87. clear umbrellas
  88. tiny mysteries
  89. seeing things people collect and the stories behind them
  90. little kids and babies
  91. doll houses
  92. acting
  93. dance parties
  94. stickers
  95. decorating my wall with things I like
  96. flowers when they fall from trees
  97. windy and cold winter days
  98. fairy lights
  99. secrets
  100. blogging
I really hope you actually bothered to read all of these...

Well, what do you like, and what makes you happy? Create a list and let me see!

Just a Girl, signing off x

If I Were a Millionaire - Tag


So, this blog post is all about the 5 things I would do if I became a millionaire (prepare for highly detailed homes and obsessions) - inspired by the lovely Brittany from Hello Bubblegum Blog! I thought this idea was so cute and I just had to do it!!

1. House
Okay, I really have thought this through... I would have a 3 story mansion! It would be right on a mountain side, viewing an entire valley / city / beach. Everything would be electronically controlled, from the turning-on of my shower (through touch-screen buttons!!) to the closing of my garage door, to the heating of my pool... It would have a roof top terrace, too! Umm, I'd have a lovely and well kept GIANT garden, filled with all sorts of pink flowers, with an infinity pool! I'd have a giant bedroom with an ensuite, and the whole top floor would be mine (MWAHAHAHA) and it would be open (if that's the term??) so I can look down onto the first floor! AND! The side facing the valley / city / beach, it would just be made of glass so I can see everything!!

2.  Internet
Nothing would be right without the fastest internet EVER ok.

3. Travel
I would spend a lot of my time travelling. There's something so exciting about travel, meeting new people and discovering new cultures. A MUST!

4. Merch & Online Shopping
Now, I'm a big fan of a lot of really famous people and obviously, when you're really cool and famous you have people that actually want to wear you. I want to wear famous people stuff. And shop online. All the best stuff is online. BUT IT'S ALL SO EXPENSIVE OH MY GOSH

5. People
Self explanatory - I'd pay for things they need and donate to charity often :)

So, what would you do? Do you have goals set for when you become a millionaire, cause, I mean, we totally will, right?

Just a Girl, signing off x
p.s I'm getting a new theme soon ;) I'm really excited!!